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Mon June 24 2024

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Carry on campus

19 Dec 11 Oxford Brookes University has recently selected Mainline’s flexible power track for installation in one of its busiest communal areas, providing students and tutors with unlimited access to mains power, wherever and whenever it is needed.

Fitted within three food courts across the campus and installed at dado level, Mainline’s power supply solution is accessible by everyone and, due to the ability to move sockets, offers an incredibly flexible means of working in the busy location.

Sourced via Edmundson Electrical in Oxford, Steve Holtom, Electrical Services Manager from Oxford Brookes, was responsible for selecting the Mainline system. He commented: “The installation of Mainline has completely changed the way in which the areas are used – students are able to access power at multiple points around the room and working locations are no longer dictated by the proximity to a plug socket. As a result, we have complete freedom in terms of how the room can be used meaning furniture can be moved without impacting the usability of the space.”

He continued: “Before Mainline was installed, we were having to periodically add more electrical points in the original trunking to keep up with increasing demand with room layouts. Installing Mainline helped overcome this problem and gave us far greater freedom as a result. Feedback from students and staff alike has been great – everyone agrees that the installation of Mainline has made a significant difference and has helped to improve how the space can be used.”

Related Information

Mainline’s track based power solution comprises a flexible power supply track that can be installed at any height, in any length, depending on the needs of the environment in which it is installed. Compatible plug sockets can be inserted at any point along the length of the track and moved according to the needs of the user meaning extension leads and sockets can become a thing of the past.

Gregg Ringer, Head of Marketing for Mainline Europe, said: “When installed in educational settings, Mainline can make a significant difference to the way in which a space is used. With increasing numbers of students using laptops and other electronic devices, the need to access mains power at all times and in all locations is paramount making Mainline the ideal solution for schools, colleges and universities.”

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