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Tue June 22 2021

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Coffey adds electric excavators to inventory

12 Aug 20 London-based J Coffey Plant has bought its first battery-powered diggers in a drive to go beyond what is already required of the ever-tightening emissions regulations.

The battery-powered JCB 19C-1E
The battery-powered JCB 19C-1E

J Coffey Plant has bought two JCB 19C-1E electric mini-excavators.

Operations manager Tim Rayner said: “When reviewing our fleet we aim to go beyond compliance legislation and exceed the requirements of the NRMM regulations [Non-Road Mobile Machinery Emission of Gaseous and Particulate Pollutants] where possible, investing in eco-friendly electric and alternatively fuelled powered assets where appropriate.

 “JCB had the best offering on paper and then, during trials on site, that very much proved to be the case in practice too. There were very limited competitive offerings unless we accepted a tethered machine – which posed significant problems with trailing cables as we found during trials of other brands.

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“The JCB 19C-1E is an excellent size for working in basements and confined areas and the two machines are performing well. Operators and management have quickly adapted to the 19C-1E and there are no issues with battery life during the working day.

“The major benefit is no emissions at point of use. Our workers are not subjected to diesel emissions when using the 19C-1E. Confined areas are now clearer and safer to work in too, as there is no longer a need for emissions control equipment such as extraction units and ducting. The JCB electric minis bring value to the business and the industry as a whole.”

The JCB 19C-1E is powered by four lithium-ion batteries, providing 20kWh of energy storage. This is said to be enough for a full working shift on a single charge for most users.

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