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Wed May 22 2024

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Completion schedule agreed for troubled Edinburgh hospital

4 Sep 20 NHS Lothian has welcomed the agreement of a timeline for the completion of works at the new Royal Hospital for Children & Young People (RHCYP).

Problems had been found with the building services in the new hospital.

NHS Lothian has now received and agreed the final works plan with contractor IHSL. The plan details the timeline for the remedial and enhancement work, including changes to the ventilation system. The work is to be completed by 25th January 2021.

Susan Goldsmith, NHS Lothian finance director and executive lead for the project, said that reaching this stage has taken a huge amount of dedication and commitment from both the project team and the contractors on site. She added: “Despite the challenges that Covid-19 has presented us with, the teams have done an incredible job in continuing to drive this project forward. I am delighted to have received a date by which the building works will be completed.”

The first phase in the migration of children's services from the original facility at Sciennes took place in July. This saw around three quarters of all children's outpatient services move, including fracture clinics, physiotherapy services and follow-up appointments for patients who have recently had surgery.

Agreement of the schedule will allow the NHS Lothian to determine the schedule for the migration of the remaining children's services. Migration of staff and patients will follow the commissioning stage, during which equipment will be installed and tested, and staff orientation will take place.

The Department of Clinical Neurosciences, also based in the new building, completed its move of outpatient and inpatient services in July 2020.  

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