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Wed February 28 2024

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Construction gets delivery driver feedback app

16 Apr 21 There is a new smart phone app designed to encouraged construction sites to improve the ways in which they take deliveries.

The CLOCS Vox app
The CLOCS Vox app

The CLOCS Vox app has been developed for lorry drivers to give feedback to construction site managers about the efficiency of their delivery management.

Poorly scheduled deliveries, inefficient processing and poor ground conditions cause delays and unintended consequences for the local community, while redirection, circling, idling, and refused access all make the delivery driver’s job harder.

Bowmer & Kirkland, Sir Robert McAlpine, Tideway, Lendlease and Willmott Dixon are among the companies that have been using it.

CLOCS – Construction Logistics and Community Safety – is an industry programme to promote safer haulage. Its initial primary aim was to reduce the number of cyclists and pedestrians being hit by construction lorries. Part of the rationale for the app is that the less time lorries spend going round in circles, the safer other road users are. Delays are also bad for business.

The CLOCS Vox app, which is free to download, sends anonymous driver feedback directly to the site manager about their experience in five areas:

  • was the delivery accepted or refused?
  • how clear were the ‘last mile’ route and instructions?
  • did they arrive/leave as scheduled?
  • was the gate team fair and efficient?
  • how were the ground conditions (including access for low entry cabs)?

Contractors can sign up to receive feedback on their project site. An online dashboard presents data to help them understand what their site is doing well, in the view of drivers, and where improvements might be necessary. Companies can also look at this data across all their projects, providing a benchmarking tool.

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Sir Robert McAlpine trialled Vox across three projects in London. Logistics manager Paul Smith said: “Any product that we can introduce or be a part of that ultimately makes our streets safer places can only be a positive. Good feedback is rewarding but poor feedback is more beneficial as it allows us to continue to strive to improve. The CLOCS Vox app gives our delivery drivers the voice they have never had and allows them to make suggestions and improve the way we work.”

CLOCS Vox data is supplied the Considerate Constructors Scheme with more than 3,000 registered sites already loaded, making it easy for drivers to leave feedback for the site they are delivering to.

CLOCS programme director Andy Brooke said: “We’ve been trialling CLOCS Vox across London and Manchester with great success. It is quick and easy to use – simply select a site from the drop-down menu and leave your feedback on the five areas shown.

“I urge all fleet operators to encourage their drivers to download the CLOCS Vox app. It takes less than a minute to use at the gate and should help sites understand where things can be improved for all fleet operators servicing construction projects.

“The feedback collected by CLOCS Vox will help address the tragic issue of the construction industry being responsible for over 5,000 serious injuries every year. Drivers are often under immense pressure to be in the right place at the right time and are often routed through incredibly busy areas at all times of the day. Allowing them to tell sites where improvements can made, can only be a good thing and will surely be well received by all.”

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