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Thu September 23 2021

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Delivery truck kills untrained banksman

14 Dec 10 A Buckinghamshire metal fabricator has been fined £30,000 after a worker was crushed to death at its premises.

Bryn Evans, 52, from Milton Keynes was acting as a banksman at Bletchley-based Trevett Engineering Ltd and was guiding a reversing heavy goods delivery vehicle towards a doorway when he was killed.

As Mr Evans was guiding the lorry into the loading area he became trapped between the back of the vehicle and the building’s brick wall. He died at the scene from crush injuries to his chest.

Milton Keynes Crown heard Mr Evans had not received training as a banksman.  An investigation by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) also showed there was no specific need for a banksman during the reversing process, it had merely become customary at the site.

As well the £30,000 fine, Trevett Engineering was ordered to pay costs of £11,630.

HSE inspector Karl Howes said: "This tragic case illustrates the risks that are associated with deliveries and reversing vehicles. It is vital that employers fully assess the risks involved in deliveries to site. Banksman should only be used when there are no safer available methods to control reversing and then only when people have been fully trained to undertake that role."

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