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Sat June 22 2024

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Doosan drops Moxy name for new ADTs

20 Sep 11 The DA40 is the first of a new generation of articulated dump trucks (ADT) from Doosan without the Moxy branding.

It's not a Moxy, it's a Doosan
It's not a Moxy, it's a Doosan

Doosan says that its new ADTs offer increased engine power and torque, higher payloads, lower fuel consumption, enhanced operator comfort and faster travel speeds for extreme off-road performance. 

Doosan Infracore acquired Moxy Engineering AS of Norway for €55m in 2008. While the new ADTs will be branded as Doosan, dropping the Moxy name from the machines, the name of the factory will remain Doosan Moxy.

The undercarriage of the DA40 is designed to ensure that all six wheels are in permanent contact with the ground. This means that it can operate on very rough and soft terrain on construction sites such as road projects and mass excavation hauling as well as in mining and quarrying applications.

The 40-tonne DA40 is powered by the 6-cylinder Scania DC13 Stage IIIB compliant diesel engine with a gross power output of 368kW (500 HP) at 2100 rpm. Top speed is 58 km/h (36 mph).

It offers a 10% increase in engine power compared to the previous MT41 model.  With a 22% increase in gross torque to 2373 Nm (1750 lb ft) at 1300 rpm, the torque available in the DA40 is ‘best in class’ in the ADT market, Doosan claims. 

The increased engine power is combined with SCR technology to lower fuel consumption. Also contributing to the overall 8% reduction in fuel consumption is the new ZF transmission offering eight forward and four reverse speeds. The new transmission improves the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels for outstanding traction. To withstand the increased power, the driveline dimensions and cooling capacity of the truck have been increased.

The DA40 also has an increased body capacity of 24.4m³, and the payload has been boosted to 40 tonnes without tailgate, an increase of more than 15% over the payload of the MT41.

To handle the increased payload as well as provide a smoother ride for the operator, the DA40 has a new hydro-gas front suspension.  This independent front suspension - there is no rigid axle - allows for free movement on one side, without movement on the opposite side, providing maximum ground contact and shock absorption.

The articulation hinge is positioned behind the turning ring to provide equal weight distribution even during maximum turning and ensure maximum contact between the front wheels and the ground for optimum traction.

Within the newly designed cab, Doosan has introduced new electronic systems and simplified fingertip controls with a digital display of all machine functions. 

Doosan DA40 articulated dump truck

Body volume:   24.4 m³
Gross weight (heaped):  70,700 kg
Net weight:  30,700 kg
Payload:  40,000 kg
Load over height:  3.35 m
Length:  10.59 m
Width:  3.48 m
Height:             3.82 m
Turning radius (ISO 7457):  8.42 m
Travel speeds:

 Forward  58 km/h
  Reverse 15 km/h

Gross torque:  2,373 Nm at 1300 rpm
Engine:  6-cylinder Scania DC13 Stage IIIB diesel engine, 368 kW at 2100 rpm
Transmission:  ZF EP420 8F-4R with hydraulic retarder and  front mounted differential

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