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Thu June 13 2024

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Export sales secured by GECCO2

21 Jul 11 Ground source specialist GECCO2 has secured its first export order " the sale of a bespoke Thermal Response Test (TRT) rig to ABK Machines in Norway.

The TRT Rig is a custom-designed off-road specification towable unit that provides a safe, secure totally enclosed solution with virtually no exposed pipes or cables and is used when designing Ground Source Heat Pump Solutions.

ABK Machines, itself a provider of Ground Source Heat Pump Solutions, specified GECCO2’s TRT rig, as apart from GECCO2 being one of the few manufacturers selling thermal response test rigs, its offroad “rugged” design makes it ideal for use in the most demanding environments.

Speaking about the sale Matt Love, MD of GECCO2, said: “This sale is excellent news for us and it is definitely a vote of confidence in our TRT rig if other suppliers [ABK Machines] of ground source heat pump equipment are buying from us. It may be the first of our export sales, but we are optimistic it is the first of many we will secure over the coming months.”

GECCO2’s TRT Rig is a versatile solution, available for purchase or hire, and is used widely as an essential part of initial site investigation. Apart from its rugged off-road capabilities it is also customisable with options such as remote 3G mobile broadband connection; integral water supply and silent power generator. GECCO2 can also supply data analysis and processing as required.

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