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Sat May 18 2024

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Fairhaven & Woods’ latest machinery investment boosts service offering

20 Jan 12 Fairhaven & Woods, specialist stonemasons, now offers the largest stone cutting facility in East Anglia following an £80,000 investment in a new Terzago Rapida bridge saw.

Already equipped with some of the most advanced stone-cutting machinery in the industry, the acquisition of the new state-of-the-art saw technology significantly increases Fairhaven & Woods’ capacity, allowing it to extend the stone cutting service it provides for stone quarries, stonemasons, sub-contractors and builders to include larger projects, more complex/precise mouldings and more cost-effective sawing tasks.

The new Terzago Rapida has been imported from Italy from the long established manufacturer Terzago and is based in Fairhaven & Woods’ Norwich stoneyard. The innovative bridge style saw is suited to all limestone and sandstone sawing, including slate and marble types, and features an air locked table which allows the stone to be cut at any angle without moving it. It is also fully programmable and allows several jobs to be set in advance. Once set, the saw can be left alone until the programme cycle is complete.

As a result, the investment in the Terzago Rapida has increased the turnaround of Fairhaven & Woods’ stone supply by around 20 percent, as well as enhancing the overall precision and finish quality and ensuring prices remain competitive. 

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As soon as the new saw was commissioned in 2010, it was pressed into action and has produced ‘sawn-6-sides’ for clients and completed work for Fairhaven & Woods’ projects including Norwich City War Memorial. It is also being used for their latest project; the School of Divinity, St John’s College, Cambridge.

Keith R. Oram, a director at Fairhaven & Woods, commented, “Fairhaven & Woods is well known in East Anglia for restoration and conservation work but many people are unaware that we also offer a stone cutting service. Adding this fourth Terzago machine significantly boosts our capacity for sawing stone for supply-only or supply-and-fix, and extends our overall service offering.”

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