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Thu May 23 2024

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Ferrovial targets US hyperloop market

16 Dec 20 Ferrovial is to work with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) to analyse opportunities for projects in the USA.

Ferrovial will work with HyperloopTT
Ferrovial will work with HyperloopTT

Hyperloop is a new mode of transport that consists of a reduced pressure tube pathway, a passive magnetic levitation system (maglev) and a linear electric motor used to propel self-contained capsules carrying passengers and/or cargo. The low air resistance and lack of friction make it possible for vehicles to reach very high speeds with minimal energy use. Hyperloop TT is one of a number of companies around the world developing the technology.

Ferrovial and HyperloopTT have signed a framework agreement that will see them working together on tasks including route development analysis, operation and maintenance for hyperloop technology, engineering and construction work, and operation and maintenance for both passenger and cargo solutions for specific projects.

The framework agreement establishes the principal terms for the companies to identify opportunities to work together in pursuit of specific projects.

“This collaboration brings together the cutting-edge technological expertise of HyperloopTT and Ferrovial’s 70-year track record as a global leader in infrastructure development and operation,” said Andres De Leon, CEO of HyperloopTT.

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“New technologies from hyperloop to 5G communications require us to rethink our world,” said Andrés Camacho, mobility director for Ferrovial. “A client or a supplier who used to be hundreds of miles away will soon be within reach in a matter of minutes. Ferrovial’s successes bringing people together via roads, railways, and airplanes have established us as a dedicated, innovative leader delivering, operating, and managing world-class infrastructure assets.”

In 2018, in partnership with HyperloopTT, government officials commissioned a feasibility study for America’s first multi-state hyperloop in the Great Lakes ‘megaregion’ connecting Chicago, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. The study, released in December 2019, determined the technology and route were both feasible.

In France, HyperloopTT is currently running full-scale tests to establish safety and insurance certifications, as well as optimizing and fully integrating the technical components of the system. HyperloopTT is also working on the world’s first commercial hyperloop system of 3km-5km in Abu Dhabi.

HyperloopTT’s system will primarily be built on pylons, with some ground level and underground segments as needed. It is being designed to withstand seismic activity and thermal expansion. “Hyperloop is safe, proven and cutting-edge technology that will require world-class construction know-how,” said Dirk Ahlborn, founder, and chairman of HyperloopTT. “This agreement will combine Ferrovial’s pedigree and commitment to innovation with HyperloopTT’s accomplishments as the first company founded to develop hyperloop and make it a reality.”

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