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Fri June 14 2024

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Gradient chosen to protect Derbyshire County Council from the elements

19 Aug 11 A complex roof refurbishment project in Derbyshire has illustrated how the tremendous versatility of a Gradient Flat Roofing single-layer solution can overcome problems with the original roof structure and still produce a reliable and effective roofing insulation scheme.

Gradient provided a combination of design guidance, bespoke products, technical support and installation advice that helped transform a series of irregular roofing areas at a Derbyshire County Council depot into a modern, reliable and fully insulated new roofscape.

The Denby Depot project involved the gradual removal of a series of individual, aged and failing roof areas, as part of a wider building refurbishment project. “This project really demonstrated the fact that our roofing solutions actually offer much more than just insulation,” explains Gradient’s Steve Adams. “We were able to recover and insulate all the existing roof areas, integrate them into a single new roof, accommodate the many different levels and obstacles that were present and still achieve the required fall angles and insulation values.”

As sections of the old roofs were removed, unexpected factors were encountered which required changes to the initial design. “However, as each component part of our roofing solutions is made as a bespoke piece to fit on a specific part of the roof, we did not have to change the overall design,” adds Steve. “In some cases we were even able to design a new section and have it delivered to site ready for installation within just 24 hours. We used cork-faced PIR insulation which was laid over a waterproofing membrane.

“This was actually the final phase of a long-standing project which has seen Gradient solutions used to refurbish a number of different roofs at the Denby Depot,” adds Steve.

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With 25 years of flat roofing experience to its credit, Gradient has firmly established itself as the UK expert in the design and manufacture of high-quality, single-layer tapered roof insulation solutions.

A Gradient solution offers a number of significant advantages. These include faster installation, the option to combine a number of different insulation materials to suit different needs, the ability to satisfy the most complex thermal insulation, design and rainwater run-off requirements and a reduction in the quantities of insulation and adhesive required.

On the basis of its success in the early phases of the Denby Depot project, Gradient was also asked to devise a solution for a high-profile project to re-roof Roman House, which houses the building services activities of Derby City Council.

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