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Thu June 13 2024

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Hewlett fits roll alarms to dump trucks

13 Sep 11 Hewlett Civil Engineering has added rollover warning devices to its articulated dump trucks.

The rollover prevention device consists of a sensor that is attached to the rear axle of an articulated rear tipping dumper and a receiving unit that is fitted to the dashboard of the truck cab. If the data sent by the sensor exceeds the safe theoretical rollover threshold for the vehicle, the device alerts the driver.

Health and safety director Ian Dick said: ““The rollover prevention device offers drivers both visual and audio warnings when the vehicle is approaching its rollover threshold, allowing the driver to take corrective action before a rollover occurs.  We would encourage all contractors to adopt a device. It is relatively simple and inexpensive to install and can potentially save lives.

“We trialled the rollover warning device on our fleet at Cross Green in Leeds and I am really convinced of its benefits. Our drivers said they feel safer because they have greater awareness of the rollover threshold of their vehicles. There is no doubt that this simple yet effective device really makes our fleet safer.”

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Mr Dick added: “We took the initiative to collaborate with our business partners Scottish & Southern Energy and Jacobs Engineering to develop the rollover warning device because we want to do all we can to reduce the risk of dumper truck rollover.”

The rollover warning device:

  • Provides plant operators with an indication of the angle of the rear body in relation to the critical tipping point
  • Provides additional information to the operator to allow an informed judgement
  • Is simple to read and understand, does not distract the operator from the task in hand
  • Works in forward, reverse and tipping mode
  • Can be modified to interrupt the vehicle’s built in stereo radio/CD player
  • Is tamper proof and is of solid state construction (no moving parts)
  • Continually displays the angle of the tipper body
  • Can be adjusted to alarm when the vehicle’s ‘skip’ reaches a particular angle
  • Can be connected to external speakers at either side of the skip body to warn personnel in close proximity to the vehicle.

Scottish & Southern Energy said it was committed, where possible, to incorporating this type of device into future projects.

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