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Wed June 19 2024

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INCA welcomes developments in UK’s green strategy

26 Oct 11 This month has seen a number of developments in the UK’s green strategy that will have a significant impact on the external wall insulation (EWI) industry over the coming year.

With just a year to go until the launch of the Green Deal in October 2012, the Energy Bill received Royal Assent on 18 October. The Energy Act 2011 is a crucial step towards making the Green Deal a practical reality, establishing the framework to enable energy efficiency improvements, such as EWI, to be made to UK homes and businesses at no upfront cost and repaid from the resulting savings on energy bills.  The Act also includes provision for the new Energy Company Obligation (ECO), which will replace CERT and CESP at the end of 2012 and support the installation of EWI in hard to treat homes.

The EWI industry was  also boosted by the Consumer Energy Summit held on 17 October where Government, consumer groups, energy suppliers and industry regulator Ofgem agreed that  consumers should be encouraged to insulate their homes to save money on their energy bills.  Energy and Climate Secretary Chris Huhne confirmed at the event that “insulation will provide the long term help to manage bills” at a time when the Department for Energy and Climate Change’s  Housing Energy Fact File has highlighted that more than half of homes in Great Britain don't have sufficient insulation.  EWI can achieve higher wall insulation U-values than other methods of insulation and  is set to play a central role in upgrading the nation’s housing stock.

INCA Chairman David Harrison sees a bright future for the EWI industry:

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“It is encouraging to see insulation being promoted to consumers as an effective way  of improving the energy efficiency of their homes and reducing their heating bills. This high level endorsement will give those responsible for delivering the Green Deal the confidence to invest in their businesses in preparation for the anticipated surge in demand for measures such as EWI.”

INCA brings together the EWI supply chain and provides competent and reputable Specialist Contractors  to deliver the full range of EWI projects to the highest quality standards.  

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