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Wed June 19 2024

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New suite replaces ICE CoC

3 Aug 11 The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has formally transferred its part ownership of the ICE Conditions of Contract that it developed 66 years ago to the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) and the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA).

ACE and CECA have now launched a new standard suite of forms of contract based on the former ICE Conditions of Contract, called the Infrastructure Conditions of Contract.

The ICE will no longer sell the old ICE CoC form.

ICE’s withdrawal from the ICE CoC follows a decision made by its council in 2009 to endorse only the New Engineering Contract NEC3 suite of contracts and the consequent agreement in July 2010 to withdraw from ICE CoC after a 12 month period. 

ICE vice president Barry Clarke said: “ICE’s decision to withdraw support from the ICE CoCs was part of a strategic realignment of our offerings and a desire to promote what we see as a more collaborative approach to contract management which offers value for money to clients and the construction industry at large.”

NEC3 was developed to enable projects to be delivered on time and within budget through the inclusion of project management principles to the contractual process.

ICE said that NEC3 “offers a unique approach with a whole family of contracts that can be used for works, services and supply across the supply chain – from complex infrastructure projects such as the 2012 Olympics to much lower value, simple services”. It added that NEC3 was one of the few contracts that meets the Cabinet Office Efficiency and Reform Group’s ‘Achieving Excellence in Construction’ criteria.

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