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Thu May 30 2024

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ISG Leads the way with smart meter installations

23 May 12 ISG has completed the installation of smart meters across two residential developments in Ashford, Kent and at Norwich.

The contractor is at the forefront of introducing smart metering systems into its residential schemes, as well as trialling the technology in temporary site accommodation as part of its commitment to delivering sustainable construction solutions.

By 2019, the government wants smart meters installed in every UK home to enable householders to make informed decisions on energy usage. Smart meters work in much the same way as a normal electricity or gas meter, however the technology enables the smart meter to communicate with other metering systems in the home and relay information remotely to the energy supplier.

Smart meters provide accurate meter reads remotely so that the customer does not have to read their own meters and will eliminate estimated bills in the future. In addition, a smart display shows how much energy is being used, how much has been used in the past and the associated carbon emissions. The system also enables the identification of energy sapping appliances, providing consumers with real time information on energy usage, so they can change behaviour to bring usage and bills down.

Working with leading energy supplier E.ON, ISG has installed smart meters into 44 individual homes across 11 separate sites across Ashford, as part of a £5.6 million council master plan to redevelop underused areas of the borough and create modern, energy efficient homes. Smart meters have also been installed at ISG’s £10.6 million project for Orwell Housing Association, as part of Norwich City Council’s city wide urban regeneration master plan, where the contractor is currently delivering 108 new homes across 18 individual sites across the city.

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ISG’s Bernard Clarke, managing director – South East, commented: “Budgets are stretched in most UK households, but the technology now exists, in the form of smart metering systems, to enable individuals to make educated decisions on energy usage. This provides real visibility on how much it costs to run a home and highlights how simple lifestyle changes can reduce energy bills and positively benefit the environment.

“ISG is pioneering the use of smart metering technology across our social housing schemes and, being involved from an early stage in this emerging technology, we are able to provide clients with a solution that assists developments in meeting regulatory sustainable requirements.” 

Jean Fiddes, head of customer learning for Smart Meters at E.ON, said: “Our customers want more accurate bills, more innovative products and more control over their energy use.  We've already gained a lot of momentum in smart metering and are working very hard to ensure that our customers who wish to receive the early benefits of smart metering are able to do so, which is why we’re delighted to be working with organisations like ISG, who are able to give us access to homes we may have not been able to reach with this technology before.”

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