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Tue June 18 2024

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Isover Round the House Roll offers an all-in-one solution

10 Aug 11 Saint-Gobain Isover, developer of sustainable insulation solutions to protect both the built and the natural environment, has launched Round the House Roll.

Designed for use in both separating and external wall cavities, the full-fill glass mineral wool roll provides a convenient all-in-one solution to help meet both Part L thermal and Part E acoustic performance requirements.

For separating walls, Isover Round the House Roll eliminates the thermal bypass effect by providing a fully-filled cavity and effective edge sealing to meet Part L 2010 (Approved Document L1A, Table 3), delivering a zero U-value party wall, that also performs acoustically +8dB over Part E regulation levels, in an approved Robust Detail construction (E-WM20).  In addition, it is BBA approved and meets the Part L thermal performance requirements needed for insulating external masonry cavity walls.

Unlike partial-fill rigid board insulation solutions, Isover Round the House Roll does not require additional materials such as cavity barriers and retainer discs, resulting in faster installation times and more accurate job costings.  Direct cost comparisons between partial-fill rigid boards and fully-filling with Round the House Roll, at the same U-value and external construction width, indicate savings of over £300 for a typical  dwelling with a 80m² wall area (in given scenarios using SPON’s 2011 data).

The product is lightweight and easy to handle and cut, with the roll format simplifying installation and reducing the number of vertical butt joints required.  This minimises

the risk of workmanship errors, resulting in potential cold bridging and acoustic weak spots.  Isover Round the House Roll is also compatible with conventional wall tie spacing and its flexible properties make it easier to install over uneven surfaces, moulding to irregularities within the cavity and ensuring no continuous air flows are formed to reduce the risk of heat loss through convection.

Related Information

Isover Round the House Roll is an element of five accredited Robust Detail constructions.  These include E-WM-20 and E-WM-17 which do not require parge coating prior to drylining, saving time and associated costs and E-WM-6, E-WM-10 and E-WM-13 aircrete block constructions which have the potential for a one insulation and one block solution.  As well as offering guaranteed performance and eliminating the need for pre-completion testing, the Isover Round The House Roll insulation solution can also reduce confusion between site, procurement and design offices by providing a single product for both applications.

When specified as part of the Robust Details accredited E-WM-20 construction Isover Round the House Roll is currently the only product of its kind capable of achieving the maximum 4 credits within category 7 of the Code for Sustainable Homes (Health and Wellbeing, section HEA2), performing a minimum of 8dB better than current 45dB Part E Building Regulations.  The full fill solution helps minimise flanking sound transmission along external wall cavities and also removes the requirement for cavity fire barriers.

Stacey Davis, marketing director for Saint-Gobain Isover, comments: “Having just one product for both masonry external and separating cavity walls has many benefits.  Faster and more cost-effective installation, guaranteed performance to meet current and future legislative requirements and Code for Sustainable Homes credits are just some of the many advantages it offers.  As larger quantities of the product will be required, it also means construction professionals can enjoy economies of scale, streamlining the procurement processes and minimising the number of deliveries to site.”

Isover Round the House Roll corresponds to the BRE Global Green Guide online generic specification ‘Glass wool insulation’ (ref. 815320002), which achieves a summary rating of A+ within all building types.  With the maximum possible recycled content, 86 per cent, it also boasts zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and <5 GWP (Global Warming Potential).

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