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Thu June 13 2024

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Lime Technology launches new external wall insulation system

20 Sep 11 The typical UK home loses approximately 33% of its generated heat through poorly insulated walls.

To combat this, Lime Technology, market leaders in the development of sustainable building products, has developed an economical solution to help create thermally efficient homes with the launch of two new External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems.

The two EWI Systems – one based around Mineral Wool insulation and the other around Wood Fibre Board insulation – offer breathable solutions and have been designed for upgrading existing residential and multi-storey buildings or to provide an attractive and thermally efficient building envelope in new-build construction. Both systems will help to meet Building Regulations and legislation for the improvement of energy efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions.

 “We are only offering breathable lime based systems with breathable insulation as opposed to petroleum based EWI systems which are impervious and seal moisture inside a building. Our systems suit those customers who are concerned about moisture build up in the wall or who are retrofitting older buildings where these issues are more prevalent” said Lime Technology’s Sue Dewhirst, responsible for developing this new product line.

 “By offering our customers external wall insulation systems, we are meeting the changing demands of the industry with flexible, high performance solutions,” said Sue. “Designed to last the lifetime of the property, both systems provide weather protection and exceptional fabric performance to reduce costs and energy use, helping to achieve low impact, sustainable construction in line with environmental targets.”

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The Mineral Wool System has been designed and developed to provide a completely vapour permeable system with the use of mineral wool board insulation. Mineral wool insulation is made from rock fibres and offers superb acoustic, thermal and breathable properties, as well as dimensional stability and fire safety to meet the requirements of commercial and multi-storey buildings.

Designed to accept a direct lime render finish, the Mineral Wool System has been designed for ease of installation onto solid concrete, timber frame and masonry constructions, making it ideal for thermally upgrading existing solid wall and cavity structures.

The Wood Fibre Board System also offers superb vapour permeable properties. Manufactured from renewable materials and completely recyclable, it delivers excellent thermal insulation performance and a low carbon footprint. Offering a more natural solution, it incorporates wood fibre insulation which is fully recyclable and has been declared harmless by the European Union directive 97/69/EG.

Both these systems are based on tried and tested systems developed by Baumit / Bayosan in the German market. These systems already have accreditations in other counties and Lime technology is working towards accreditation in the UK shortly.

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