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Sun May 19 2024

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Majors promise to keep subbies on board with safety push

18 Oct 12 Big construction contractors have vowed not to impose unreasonable safety demands on their suppliers and subcontractors.

UK Contractors Group, the representative body of the largest contractors, has launched a revised health and safety plan which sets out its aspirations for members and their supply chain over the next 10 years.

The plan aims to manage workplace safety in a more integrated way that better involves the supply chain.

Under the plan, UKCG undertakes to ensure that any new health and safety measures adopted collectively by its members, and impacting directly on their supply chain, are properly considered before being imposed upon its supply chain. To this end UKCG is committed to applying the following principles:

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  • Adopt sensible timescales for implementing change, with lead times of at least six months.  UKCG will talk to relevant supply chain partners to ensure that all timescales are practical;
  • Identify key supply chain partners – at least the three key companies in any particular field or the relevant trade association – to involve in a consultation process;
  • Undertake an open-minded consultation, which assesses the practicability of the measures proposed, meets UKCG objectives while imposing the minimum amount of extra administration, and agrees the timetable for change; and
  • Review any new measures within a year of implementation to iron out practical difficulties and ensure they are being applied reasonably and consistently among UKCG members.

Commenting on the policy launch, Dave Smith, chair of UKCG’s health and safety group, said:  “Health and safety remains a number one priority and UKCG aims to continue to provide leadership to the construction industry and strive towards world class performance.  The new plan has the support of all UKCG members at the highest level.  It refreshes our commitments and we will now work hard to deliver the goals”.

UKCG’s plan and associated documents are available on UKCG’s website.

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