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Mon March 04 2024

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Mental health concern gets framework bidders more time

26 Apr 23 Procurement agency Pagabo has issued a prior information notice (PIN) for the renewal of one of its biggest construction frameworks – professional services.

Valued at £750m, this will be the third iteration of Pagabo’s professional services framework. It will go live in April 2024 and once again run for four years.

Concerns about the mental health of people who might want to bid for a place on this framework have prompted Pagabo to extend the tender period, it said.

“We know that responding to tenders on tight timescales can be a huge stress, so with our focus on how we can improve mental health and wellbeing in the industry we’ve examined how we can adapt our processes,” chief procurement officer Jason Stapley said.

“With the tender period for this framework expected to fall across the school holidays, we have increased the tender period to 10 weeks to make sure bidding doesn’t interfere with people’s home lives or increase stress unnecessarily.”

Pagabo will be holding a webinar on 10th May where interested bidders can find out more about the framework and Pagabo. To sign up for the webinar, visit:

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