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Mon March 04 2024

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New backhoe loader from Terex

6 Dec 12 Latest addition to Terex’s backhoe loader range is the TLB890.

Terex TLB 890
Terex TLB 890

Features include a curved boom, high-pressure hydraulics and a high-torque 74.5kW (100hp) engine for improved tear-out forces and cycle times. 

The curved boom design allows trucks to be positioned closer to the machine for short loading cycles and a new ‘Deep Dig’ innerslide extending dipperstick speeds working.

Product manager Jon Beckley said: “Through our research, we know our customers want their machine to dig deep, have excellent manoeuvrability and provide economic yet powerful performance - and they want to do this in comfort. With our new 890 model, we have met these requirements and more to help our customers achieve exceptional job site performance.” 

The TLB890 is available with pilot controls or conventional mechanical levers in SAE, ISO or cross pattern layout. Pilot control versions get a single variable displacement piston pump (in place of tandem gear pumps) and thumbwheels on the joysticks to control the dipper extension and any attachments. A second auxiliary line is available with both configurations.

A new rear axle with outboard planetary gears gives the TLB890 a 41km/h maximum travel speed, while large diameter wet disc brakes reduce pedal effort.

The four-forward/four-reverse Synchro Shuttle manual gearbox is a standard feature on the TLB890. An optional Servo Power Syncro (SPS) transmission with manual control and auto-shift capability is also available as an option. This advanced transmission comes with hydraulic selector fork gear engagement instead of clutch pack operation which reduces drag by 9% resulting in increased performance and fuel economy, Terex says.

Terex TLB890

Engine power

74.5kW /100hp

Engine torque at speed


Max travel speed 

41 km/h

Backhoe slew torque kNm

27.8 kNm

Dipper tearout Standard Retracted/ Extended

41.1 / 41.1 / 29 kN

Bucket tearout Speed dig/Power dig with HD bucket

60.3/67.8 kN

Dig depth - Standard Retracted/ Extended

4498/4498/5698 mm

Loader bucket breakout

55.4 kN

Loader arm breakout

51.1 kN

Loadover height

3369 mm

Hydraulic lift capacity at full height

3966 kg

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