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Wed May 29 2024

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New model and attachments from Avant

13 Dec 12 Avant Tecno, the Finnish manufacturer of compact wheel loaders, has announced the addition of the 640 model to its existing 600 Series of machines.

Avant's rotary brush
Avant's rotary brush

The new model is equipped with two-speed piston drive motors that are able to provide an increased maximum travel speed of 22km/h, for applications involving longer distances.

Low-gear pushing performance has also been increased to 1400kg.

Avant has also launched a pair of new attachments to add to a list of more than 100 different items already offered.

The first is a new design of rotary broom with an electronically powered slewing mechanism and a new floating system in place of wheels. This results in noise-free operation, the manufacturer claims, and a continuous brushing action.

The second new attachment is a materials mover screw that can be used for applications such as backfilling trenches.  Material movement be can be changed from right to left feed by reversing the rotation direction of the hydraulically powered screw. This unit weighs 120kg and has an overall width of 1635mm.

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