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Sun July 03 2022

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New name and mission for Scottish innovation centre

28 Apr The Construction Scotland Innovation Centre has announced a new name, a new strategic focus and an expansion of its reach beyond Scotland.

Stephen Good
Stephen Good

The organisation, now called Built Environment – Smarter Transformation, will prioritise the built environment’s transition to zero carbon and improving the sector’s contribution to the fight against climate change. It said that the new brand and mission for the innovation centre underlines its core purpose: to accelerate the move to a more sustainable, energy-efficient and more circular built environment.

The changes in focus reflect a growing partner base beyond the construction sector, including organisations right across the wider built environment ecosystem, and its expanding geographical reach beyond Scotland.

Since the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre was launched in 2014, it has supported the commercialisation of more than 400 new products, processes and services, many of which focus on low and zero carbon outcomes that will help to future-proof the sector. The innovation centre has been involved in more than 350 collaborative innovation projects valued at over £34m, engaging with a range of academic, public sector and industry partners, generating over £1.3bn of additional value to the sector.

Stephen Good, CEO of Built Environment – Smarter Transformation, BE-ST for short, revealed the centre’s new direction at an event yesterday (27th April) that marked the midway point between COP26 and COP27. He said: “Today we have set out a new direction for the innovation centre, focused on delivering maximum impact and rapid transformation across the built environment ecosystem in its widest possible sense – not just the construction sector. We’ve always helped organisations explore how to do things in a more sustainable way but, from now on, this has to be our top priority.

“Building on that, we needed a new mission, brand and name that better reflects who we are today and, most importantly, where we’re going tomorrow. The acronym is of course BE-ST, but it’s not about us thinking we’re the best. It’s about us all working together to do our best, to find the best ideas and the best approaches.

“Built Environment – Smarter Transformation has an important role to play in connecting stakeholders and creating the innovation support infrastructure we need across all building typologies, including housing, commercial property, industrial, and infrastructure projects – both new build and retrofit, that will help us meet our mission and objectives. One thing is absolutely certain, no single organisation will deliver zero carbon transformation on its own and, as time marches on, we need to come together and collaborate like never before.”

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