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Tue June 18 2024

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New paver for Breedon

11 Oct 11 After years of experience with Volvo ABG 473s pavers and one of the first ABG 6870s sold in the UK, Breedon Aggregates has added a second ABG 6870 wheeled paver to its fleet.

Breedon Aggregates contracting director Kevin Carmichael said that the ABG 6870  was chosen principally for the quality and smoothness to the finished mat. “Besides that, our operating crews have a decisive input to the purchasing decision and they certainly appreciate the machine’s low noise levels, manoeuvrability and easy to use controls,” he said.

Volvo has made some improvements to the ABG 6870, including 25% extra fuel efficiency and a 9dB(a) reduction in external noise levels.

According to Volvo, the ABG 6870 wheeled paver is the first machine to feature continuous independent traction control over all six wheels. Powered by a Tier III 122Kw engine, the operator is able to use the ‘Smart Power’ setting to vary the power output depending on the conditions of the application. The ‘Active Steering’ feature enables it to achieve an inside turning radius of 2.5m. This coupled to individual suspension struts means the paver can overcome obstacles in one go that competitive models can only do after several complicated manoeuvres, Volvo says.

Screed width can be varied between 2.5m and 5m in standard configuration and can be fitted with optional extensions for 9m width. With an output potential of up to 700 tonnes per hour, the machine can continuously pave up to 40m/min. For certain applications, the ABG6870 can lay up to a maximum thickness of 300mm, while at high speed a normal 50mm is no problem.

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