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Sat May 18 2024

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Nordair Niche adds a greener breath of fresh air to Blackpool Illuminations

21 Mar 12 When Blackpool Council Illuminations team relocated to a new £10 million manufacturing and storage facility, they needed a heating, ventilation and heat recovery system.

It had to be designed to provide comfortable working conditions and an ideal environment to house one of the world’s most famous lighting collections, whilst minimising energy usage and environmental impact. The designers turned to leading specialists in gas fired heating combining heat recovery, Nordair Niche, for the answer.

Designed and built for the storage, manufacture and refurbishment of Blackpool’s Illuminations – including fibre optics, lasers and illumination exhibits – the new facility spans an impressive 120,000 sq ft. To enable carefully-controlled conditions for such an important large open floor space including a painting plant and fibre glass working area the heating and ventilation system had to be of the highest standard. Nordair Niche supplied its DF7MUA220 (make up air) unit with supply and exhaust air modules including high efficiency cross plate heat recovery and a DF25VAV725 (variable air volume) direct fired gas heater unit to meet the challenge.

The two heating and ventilation units were specially designed to be installed in a plant room, allowing carefully metered fresh tempered air to be delivered directly into the building’s large space interiors through louvered grilles.

A  core part of the Nordair Niche direct fired range, all DF MUA units can be specifically built to meet the needs of the client and can be enhanced with cross plate or thermal wheel heat recovery, variable air volume, cooling, specialist filtration and a customized control system. Horizontally mounted, the CE approved unit can be engineered to extract air from the building recovering waste heat before introducing a supply of heated ‘make up’ air to provide an even, comfortable environment without draughts or cold spots.

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The DF VAV variable air volume range incorporates as standard an inverter drive and high efficiency Nordair Niche box burner with integral combustion air fans to maintain optimum performance whilst adapting to meet the changing requirements of the building or changing exhaust rates.

Direct gas-firing is an effective, cost efficient method of space heating and providing tempered make up air for specialised environments. It provides a positive ventilation rate, gently pressurising the building and ensuring a fresh and warm atmosphere with minimal stratification. Nordair Niche’s fully modulating burner system provides the optimum heat required at maximum efficiency, to provide a facility that delivers high quality heating and ventilation with minimal running costs.

Dating back to 1879, the Blackpool Illuminations began with just eight electric arc lamps, steadily growing to become the six-mile long extravaganza of the modern day. With its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and with a cutting edge heating and ventilation system courtesy of Nordair Niche, the Illuminations will continue to grow and become a more impressive spectacle with every year that passes.

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