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Sat June 15 2024

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Plain sailing for Kemper System at Selfridges

7 Sep 11 Putting a boating lake on the roof might seem like a bonkers way to test the integrity of the waterproofing membrane but Kemper System’s* Kemperol 2K-PUR system has passed with flying colours at Selfridges’ flagship Oxford Street store.

The landmark London department store has created both the boating lake and a cocktail bar on its rooftop terrace, inviting customers to enjoy the terrace gardens and their spectacular views across the capital for the second time since the Second World War; the roof terraces were damaged during the Blitz.  There are twelve rowing boats available for adventurous shoppers to enjoy under the watchful eye of a Selfridges lifeguard as part of the Truvia Voyage of Discovery installation.

The roof was reinforced with steel to support the additional weight of the boating lake. Fortunately, however, the area of roof in question had already been refurbished with the Kemperol 2K-PUR cold liquid-applied waterproofing membrane from Kemper System as part of an ongoing upgrade of the entire Selfridges roof complex.  As a result, the store could be totally confident that the roof will be completely protected from any spills, leaks or splashes.

Explains Chris Shulver from Capital Roofing, the roofing contractor responsible for refurbishing Selfridges’ roofs: “The Kemperol 2K-PUR system is a solvent-free, cold liquid-applied waterproofing membrane which is both flexible and tough, forming a permanent bond with almost any substrate.  This means that it not only delivers excellent waterproofing performance, it also provides an environmentally-friendly and fume-free waterproofing choice for Selfridges which fulfils the company’s commitment to sustainability and allows us to continue a rolling programme of roof refurbishment at the store without any disruption to staff or shoppers.”

Related Information

The roof terrace is one of numerous roofs on the store that has already been finished with the Kemperol 2K-PUR system and Capital Roofing will continue to roll out the refurbishment programme for around another three years.  The innovative waterproofing system is the only wet-on-wet, solvent-free cold liquid applied membrane on the market, specifically formulated using vegetable oil, 80% of which is a renewable material derived from castor oil. The system is applied as a liquid that saturates and fully encapsulates a non-woven reinforcement fleece.

Comments Rolando Faley, Selfridges’ head of facilities and project management: “We’re delighted to have been able to open up the roof terrace to customers again in such a fun and memorable way.  It’s great to know that the waterproofing system on the roof is so durable that it can cope with this ultimate test.”

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