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Mon May 20 2024

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Ride-on trowels from Atlas Copco

25 Jul 12 Atlas Copco Construction Tools has brought out a new range of three ride-on trowels for concrete floor specialists and rental companies.

The new machines are fully mechanical with two sizes to choose from: the 1,880mm BG740 and the 2,336mm BG910. Both trowels are equipped with reliable engines and heavy duty drive trains, all built into a service-friendly frame, the manufacturer says.

The BG740 has four blades per rotor. A torque converter allows the machine to sustain torque as it moves across the concrete, thus saving energy. The BG910 has larger rotor diameters and has five blades per rotor providing a more accurate surface in a shorter working time.

For bigger jobs, Atlas Copco is offering the hydrostatic BG920 with hydraulic steering for better handling control. Like the BG 910, the BG 920 is also equipped with five blades per rotor.

Features of the product series include:

  • Electrically powered water spray system and independent manual pitch control
  • Free line of sight from the cockpit. For working in poor light conditions all ride-on trowels are equipped with lights
  • Well proven engine, heavy duty gearbox and robust overall design
  • Lifting bridle for loading and unloading
  • Adjustable seat and arm rests, raised foot paddles and a 12V charger

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