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Sat June 22 2024

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Rockpanel introduces new Instruction Guide and Product Range Guide

4 Oct 11 Rockwool B.V. / Rockpanel Group is launching two easy-to-use documents for contractors: the handy Instruction Guide and the compact Product Range Guide. By following the clear instructions set out in the Instruction Guide, contractors can ensure they get the most from our high quality cladding materials and tongue-and-groove products.

The Product Range Guide offers a complete list of the standard products stocked by Rockpanel. With the handy Instruction Guide and the compact Product Range Guide, contractors have all the information they need about Rockpanel at their fingertips, condensed into two usable documents.

The Instruction Guide is a complete reference document for contractors on how to work with RockpanelĀ® cladding materials. The handy guide covers topics such as storage, handling, tools, installation guidelines and construction detailing. By following the simple guidelines, contractors can install the products effectively to ensure the most beautiful and long-lasting end result.

The Product Range Guide contains a comprehensive list of the standard Rockpanel product range. In addition, this compact guide provides information on the available finishes and colours, delivery times, accessories and guidance regarding the wide range of products available from Rockpanel. The guide provides contractors with all the information required about the extensive standard colour and product options available from Rockpanel.

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