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Fri May 24 2024

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SE Controls publishes new ‘white paper’ on smoke control in apartment buildings

22 Mar 12 A new ‘white paper’ exploring the effective design and installation of smoke ventilation systems in apartments has been developed by leading smoke and natural ventilation specialist, SE Controls, which builds on the recent guidance published the Smoke Control Association (SCA).

The comprehensive SCA report entitled ‘Guidance on smoke control to common escape routes in apartment buildings, flats and maisonettes’ was created to not only highlight the objectives and performance criteria of residential systems, but also identify system options, testing and the integration of smoke control with other fire systems.

By publishing its white paper, SE Controls sets out to communicate a number of key critical aspects covered in the SCA report into a more condensed guidance document focusing on smoke ventilation system design, particularly where a standard ‘Approved Document B’ compliant solution may not be possible.

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The white paper also recognises the changing legislation and legal obligations on property owners to ensure adequate smoke control and escape provision is made and it is kept well maintained. It also goes beyond the need for safe means of escape and deals with the need for fire fighting teams to access the building safely to attend possible victims and extinguish the fire.

Will Perkins, SE Controls’ Managing Director was part of the SCA group that compiled the original guidance document and is committed to ensuring that effective smoke control is firmly on the building safety agenda. He said: “It’s a well documented fact that asphyxiation from smoke accounts for 80% of all deaths in the event of a fire, yet in multi storey apartments, where escape routes could be inaccessible due to ineffective smoke control, this figure could be disproportionately high. Ultimately the single primary objective of our white paper and the original SCA guidance is to help save lives through understanding the risks and implementing effective solutions to control smoke and aid escape.”

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