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Sun May 26 2024

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Spain fines post-tensioning cartel €16m

13 Aug 12 Spain’s competition authority CNC has imposed fines of more than €16m (£12.5m) on seven companies for forming a cartel for 14 years in post-tensioning and geotechnics.

The case originated in an application for clemency filed in April 2010 by the controlling shareholders of Dywidag (DSC) for a breach of the competition act consisting of market sharing in the field of post-tensioned systems and geotechnics. The information also implicated BBR Prestressed and Special Techniques (BBR), CTT Stronghold SA (CTT), Freyssinet, SA (FSA), Mekano4 SA, Prestressing Techniques and Auxiliary Services, SL (Tecpresa) and VSL-SPAM, SA.

The research division of the CNC opened disciplinary proceedings in July 2010 against the companies for anti-competitive conduct prohibited by the law on competition. It said that the companies held regular meetings concerning the distribution of potential contracts.

The CNC council has resolved to impose the following sanctions:

  • BBR Prestressed and Special Techniques - a fine of €2,640,000
  • CTT Stronghold SA - a fine of €2,426,000
  • Dywidag System Inc - a fine of €5,228,000
  • Freyssinet SA - a fine of €2,805,000
  • Mekano4, SA -  a fine of €1,420,000
  • Prestressing Techniques and Auxiliary Services, SL - a fine of €1,957,000
  • VSL-SPAM, SA - a fine of €384,000.

However, the CNC Council has agreed to exempt from the fine DywidagSystem Inc and its parent DSI International.

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