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Wed June 19 2024

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Speedy builds eco lighting fleet

16 Sep 11 Speedy Services has invested £2.5m in what it claims to be the most environmentally efficient lighting towers on the market.

Speedy is currently the sole UK supplier of Towerlight’s VB9 Eco Towers and was involved in the product development process. It claims that the new lights can save the average contractor up to £300 per month.

The 9m-high units are designed to lower carbon output by minimising fuel usage, both during operation and through reducing transportation requirements.

The VB9 uses permanent magnet alternator technology, typically found on hybrid cars, combined with a traditional generator to reduce significantly the power required to run its lights.

Four metal halide floodlights still provide an average of 20 lux coverage over 3,600 sq m, but the VB9’s smaller diesel engine means that fuel usage can be reduced by up to 72%. The 170-litre fuel tank has an average running time of 340 hours – a 435% increase compared to conventional models, Speedy says. Research suggests that a typical site would only need to refuel a VB9 once a month.

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Costs and carbon outputs can also be further reduced by using only two of the four lamps when natural lighting levels are adequate.

The VB9 also includes a tower that is routable by hand at 340 degrees, and can withstand windspeeds of up to 100km/h.

Speedy supply chain director Andy Connor said:  “As the dark nights draw in, reliable high quality lighting systems are something that no site can do without and offering our customers the most innovative, and environmentally efficient lighting products is a key focus area for Speedy.

“We work with our suppliers in order to provide the equipment that we know our customers need, and we’re confident that its environmental credentials, combined with its ability to reduce costs will continue to make the VB9 an essential piece of kit for any project.”

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