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Mon May 20 2024

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Support sought for Lego Basement & Sewerage kit

16 Dec 20 A Lego fan is seeking support from civil engineers for their proposal for a Lego Basement & Sewerage kit. If it gets enough signatures, it could go into production.

Toy manufacturer Lego undertakes to review any submission to its LEGO IDEAS online platform where fan builders submit their own models.

An AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) from Berlin has submitted a sewerage-themed model under the alias MOCingbird (in the Lego world 'MOC' stands for 'My Own Creation’) as a proposed underground extension for the brand’s popular Modular Buildings line.

"My project 'Basement & Sewerage' is the first-ever sewerage-themed fan design on the LEGO IDEAS platform," MOCingbird says. "The model lends itself to display for adult collectors and kids' play as well (kids can learn something about the urban underground while playing so it has an educational value, too).

“Initially I was going to design only a basement, but soon I realised the model’s front needed something really worth seeing instead of just a dull basement wall. So I came up with the idea of integrating a sewerage at the front. It proved to be the perfect solution.

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“First of all it looked very nice, secondly it was something LEGO had never done before. And last but not least it provided a good opportunity of paying tribute to all the men and women working underground every day, keeping everything running down there – that’s why I decided to also include two sewerage technicians on their routine check, making them the main protagonists of the set.”

Detailed information, more pictures and the ‘SUPPORT’ button can be found on the project page:

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