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Thu June 24 2021

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Teenagers reckon construction beats priesthood - but not much else

13 Jul 12 Becoming a vicar is just about the only thing worse than having to work on a construction site, teenagers reckon.

Don't wanna work on a construction site
Don't wanna work on a construction site

That’s the conclusion of a survey of 14-18 year olds carried out by CITB-ConstructionSkills into teenager’s attitudes towards the industry.

Manual roles in construction were among the top five least favourite industry career options. Only careers in the clergy, agriculture, and hairdressing and beauty were cited as prospectively less appealing.

The potential danger involved in working on a construction site stood out as the top perceived negative aspect of a manual role with 38% saying this would be the worst thing about working on a site. The physically challenging aspects of site work and working outside were also identified as potential deterrents.

Designing buildings or becoming a manager in an office, however, scored well and were even rated as more attractive than working in sports.  Construction management roles also rated higher than similar roles in manufacturing, accountancy, pharmaceuticals, automotive industry, financial services and the performing arts.

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CITB-ConstructionSkills careers manager Janette Welton-Pai said: “There’s clearly some work still to do around perceptions of safety in the industry. While working on site might not appeal to everyone it’s important that the reasoning behind this is a personal preference rather that an industry reputational issue.”

She added: “To give young people and all members of the public the opportunity to go onto a construction site, CITB-ConstructionSkills has partnered up with UK Contractors Group, the Chartered Institute of Building and the Considerate Constructor’s Scheme to open up over 100 sites to the public this autumn in an event called Open Doors Weekend. We’re hoping that this will dispel some of the myths about the industry and challenge perceptions out there. We want to attract top talent into the industry and we’re keen to showcase Construction and the Built Environment as the modern industry it is and highlight the excellent career prospects and opportunities for progression.”

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