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Fri June 14 2024

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The Construction Index gives away £250,000 of free advertising

25 Oct 11 The Construction Index, the UK’s market-leading construction website, is giving away more than £250,000 of free advertising through its new, pioneering pay-per-click advertising service.

TCi Ads™ offers contextual advertising throughout The Construction Index website, in the form of text-only advertisements, containing a headline, URL, and two-line description. Advertisers will be able to deliver a targeted message alongside relevant content across Construction Index. For example, TCi Ads, will serve up advertisements for demolition contractors alongside any articles about demolition or safety equipment and services alongside HSE news.

TCi Ads will be familiar to anyone who understands the pay-per-click advertising, used by search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Companies can use TCi Ads on a 'self-service' basis. Keywords relating to construction products and services are available for purchase to the highest bidder. Advertisers can start an account for just £75, and pay for clicks from as little as 0.09p. So for example, £250 could direct more than 2,700 prospective customers to your website.

To mark the launch, The Construction Index is giving away more than £250,000 of free advertising credits to companies signing up and crediting a minimum deposit of just £75 between 25 October and the 15 November. Further details are available at along with a demonstration video, to help users sign up and build their first targeted advertising campaign.

The Construction Index publisher Paul Buist said: “Tens of thousands of construction companies already use contextual, pay-per-click advertising with search engines.

Related Information

“With TCi Ads, they will be using a similar service, only their advertisements will be much more targeted, The Construction Index provides a guaranteed construction audience, numbering in the hundreds of thousands per months. Over the coming weeks, we could deliver more than 3 million targeted and relevant advertisers messages to our users.  

"TCi Ads, offers construction companies of all sizes access to highly target online advertising at a price they decide themselves – it represents low-cost exposure on the industry’s leading news and search website.

“Even those who have little or no online advertising experience will find it easy to start an account with our user-friendly self-service system.”

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