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Tue June 18 2024

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The merry digger dance - VolkerStevin complete challenging river crossing

20 Oct 11 VolkerStevin has completed the construction and installation of a 132m long, 609mm diameter pipeline across the River Lune, Lancaster, between the west embankment at Mainway, Skerton and the east embankment at Riverside, Kingsway.

Appointed by United Utilities, VolkerStevin completed the most technically challenging section of the works under a 14 week programme. The works consisted of the temporary installation of navvy mats and rock armour to create an access track in the River Lune. The pipe was then installed in one piece by six tracked excavators manoeuvring the pipe in to a pre-dug trench. The pipe was secured into place using precast pipe ballast units made by VolkerBrooks and the excavated material was then placed back over the pipe.

Due to the working limits of the plant the works had to be completed within both a tidal and weather window during low river flows and at low tide. The VolkerStevin site team, which included a site based ecologist, worked in conjunction with the Environment Agency and the Marine Managment Organisation (MMO) to mitigate against the ecological impact on fish migration in the river. 

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