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Tue June 25 2024

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Tooling up for winter weather

10 Oct 11 With snow and ice on its way in parts of the UK and another winter of heavy snow forecast, Bobcat is pulling out the stops to promote its winter work tools.

Bobcat compact loaders have attachments available such as snow blowers, snow blades, buckets and salt and sand spreaders. For working on snow, Bobcat also offers optional steel tracks to go over the tyres on the wheeled loaders, as well as individual tyre snow chains.

Bobcat snow blower models offer widths varying from 1220mm to 2134mm and are now available with different hydraulic motor packages, allowing the customer to select match the snow blower with the hydraulics on the loader models.  The snow blowers offer maximum throw distances from 7.6m to 13.7m and have a rotating chute and deflector to point the snow in the desired direction.

The Bobcat snow blade is available in six widths from 1219mm to 2438mm and is designed to remove light or moderate snow from pavements and driveways.  An optional end-wing kit converts the 2134mm and 2743mm models into high-production snow pushers, for use in larger areas such as car parks. 

The Bobcat snow V-blade, available in five different widths, can be used in five configurations: as a V-blade, scoop blade, straight blade and 30 degree left or right angle blade.

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For handling snow, there are large capacity buckets, with widths from 1371mm to 2540mm and capacities from 0.36 to 1.53 cubic metres.  They have high backs to help with pushing snow and straight sides to penetrate snow piles.  For the quick removal of light snowfalls up to 100mm from pavements, there is an angle broom attachment

The hydraulic salt and sand spreader can operate in areas such as parking lots and pedestrian zones where larger equipment cannot be used.  The 250-litre hopper can be used as a bucket to allow the spreader to be filled from a pile.  The spread pattern is controlled by a hydraulic motor and ranges from 5.6m to 8.7m, depending on the hydraulic flow of the carrier.

Finally, the scraper attachment dislodges packed snow and ice as an alternative to the use of chemicals or salt.

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