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Wed February 28 2024

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Tower crane guidance for mothballed sites

31 Mar 20 The Construction Plant-hire Association’s (CPA) tower crane interest group (TCIG) has issued advice on how tower cranes should be left if out of service for potentially many months.

The CPA tower crane safety alert states that manufacturers’ instructions should be followed, and there is still a requirement to periodically inspect the crane even when out of service.

Tower crane owners and users are advised to ensure that the most up to date information for taking the crane out of service is obtained from the manufacturer or supplier of the tower crane for the specific make, model and configuration of crane. This should be checked against the information recorded in the project lift plan.

All tower cranes should be left in free slew, to weather vane, as per usual.

For luffing cranes, the CPA says that “it is strongly advised that the jib is parked at the maximum radius possible allowing for surrounding obstacles rather than at the minimum out of service radius specified by the manufacturer”. In other words, manufacturers do allow a raised jib when out of service if there are phsical restrictions nearby, but they say the lower the better.

Related Information

With a saddle jib (hammerhead) crane, park the trolley at the manufacturers recommended position along the jib, it says.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is aware of concerns relating to the examination of equipment that is subject to statutory inspection time limits and has issued a statement on what should be taken into account where inspection difficulties occur due to the effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

The new CPA tower crane safety alert and the HSE statement on statutory inspections are both available from the CPA website.

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