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Tue June 25 2024

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Tube spending under scrutiny

25 Jul 11 Tube upgrade spending and delivery will be on the agenda today when the London Assembly’s transport committee invites two key chairmen in to answer questions.

The session is part of the committee’s ongoing investigation into the state of the London Underground. Members will be questioning the Independent Investment Programme Advisory Group (IIPAG) chair David James and the chair of Transport for London (TfL) Rail & Underground Panel Christopher Garnett.

Committee Members will question the chair of the IIPAG about the transparency of its work on the upgrade programme.  It is yet to publish any findings about its assessment of TfL’s expenditure on the upgrades.

Members will also pursue issues relating to the delivery of the upgrade programme, including TfL’s forecasts for increased costs in certain areas and action to address slippage on the timetable for upgrade works – particularly on the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines.

How TfL’s plans for each Tube line are monitored and its performance against benchmarking data – as well as in comparison to metro systems elsewhere - will also be covered.

The hearing is part of the Committee’s line-by-line look at how well the London Underground is performing and the delivery of the planned upgrades.  

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