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Mon May 27 2024

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Tyco specifies anti-entrapment system on access platforms

15 May 12 Fire protection contractor Tyco is specifying Nationwide Platforms’ SkySiren anti-entrapment solution for all powered access platforms that it uses.

Tyco becomes the second big firm to mandate the use of anti-crushing devices on platforms after Skanska UK stipulated their use on all boom-type mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) on its sites.

Like Skanska, the mandate to be issued by Tyco will also be applicable to all boom-type MEWPs used by its supply chain.

Tyco trialled SkySiren on the construction of Pembroke Power Station.

Designed to react to any pressure applied on a sensitive horizontal bar located at waist height (pictured below), the SkySiren stops movement of the machine immediately in a crushing situation, while simultaneously alerting workmates to the incident with an emergency alarm and flashing light.

Tyco project director and QEHS champion Brian Whittle and director Steve Leigh said: “Safe working is the most central tenet to any of our work, regardless of the nature or challenges posed by a project. Having worked with Nationwide Platforms to find safety solutions in the past, we’ve always been interested in finding the latest methods of working that truly represent best practice. Now, after seeing the product for ourselves, we are now pleased to take the opportunity to mandate the SkySiren and provide what could be a critical safeguard to access equipment users on our projects.”   

Nationwide said that it expects further major contractors to announce anti-entrapment mandates through 2012, with the SkySiren set to undergo trials in the North American powered access market in the coming months.

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