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Fri June 14 2024

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Unglazed doors withdrawn from fire door certification scheme

20 Jul 11 The British Woodworking Federation’s has withdrawn all doors sold with unglazed apertures from its Certifire fire door scheme.

Under the new rules, scheme members will now only be permitted to offer ‘apertured and glazed’ fire doors – a move that the scheme believes is the safest form of supply.

Peter Johnson, BWF-Certifire fire door and doorset scheme chairman, said:  “We have always recommended that doors should be cut and glazed by certificated licensed convertors within the scheme. Our concern has been that selling apertured unglazed doors on the open market risks them being glazed by those operating outside the scheme's controls.

“Under the previous rules, members could go to all the trouble of producing a certified and correctly labelled fire door, yet have its safety compromised by others who are not licensed convertors or who glaze on site. The new rules get rid of this anomaly and ensure that all Scheme fire doors will remain within the boundaries of safety and certification.

“This rule change was agreed unanimously by members in a voluntary vote.”

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