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Tue April 20 2021

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Volvo woos demolition contractors with high reach variants

10 Jun 15 Volvo has developed high reach variants of its EC380E and EC480E excavators for demolition contractors.

Volvo EC480E HR
Volvo EC480E HR

Both the EC380E and EC480E High Reach demolition machines have been fully developed in house by Volvo Construction Equipment.

The key design feature is their versatility, Volvo says. They can be switched between demolition configuration and conventional excavator thanks to the modular pre boom arrangement and the hydraulically adjustable undercarriage that is available as an option.

The EC380E has a maximum pin height of 23 metres and on the EC480E it is 28 metres. The maximum tool weight is 2.5 tonnes on the EC380E and 3 tonnes on the EC480E but if the hydraulically retractable undercarriage option is taken the maximum tool weight can be increased to 3 and 4 tonnes respectively working at a maximum operating angle of 20°.

When fully extended the undercarriage on the EC380E increases the width by a a metre for extra stability.

The EC380EHR and EC480EHR are designed with an innovative hydraulic modular joint using a hydraulic dual full pin lock mechanism to release digging equipment and change from high-reach demolition boom to a standard one. To achieve the correct flow and pressure for hydraulic attachments such as breakers, shears, crushers, sorting grabs and tilt rotators, the machine can be factory fitted with a variety of hydraulic lines. The attachment management system stores the settings for up to 20 different hydraulic attachments. Depending on the hydraulic options configured, the management system can store flow, maximum pressure, and settings for operating comfort.

Key specs

Volvo high reach demolition machines



Operating weight*


51 440

64 020

Max. pin height


23 060

28 140

Max. pin reach


14 490

16 090

Max. tool weight**


3 000

3 500

Operating angle




Max. cab tilting angle




*operating weight may vary by market based on the option and attachment configuration

** depending on machine configuration





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