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Fri September 24 2021

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ZEDPod prefabs to make Dunstable debut

11 Sep 18 Central Bedfordshire College is putting up 23 prefabricated starter-homes in its grounds in Dunstable.

CGI of the Dunstable ZEDPod scheme
CGI of the Dunstable ZEDPod scheme

The development is set to be the first project of ZEDFactory, whose prefab ZEDPod homes are design by Bill Dunster to be low cost and energy efficient.

The ZEDPod concept was demonstrated at the Building Research Establishment’s Innovation Park in Watford in 2016. [See our previous report here.]

“As the pods are constructed from quality fireproof, durable and robust materials, they are designed to last as long as a traditionally built home,” Bill Dunster said. “The pods’ solar roofs generate more energy than the houses consume, so they will also have the lowest possible running costs."

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