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Wed July 24 2024

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Doosan adds to mini-excavator family

Digger Blogger | 11:00, Thu April 07 2022

The DX27Z-7 and DX35Z-7 are the latest additions to the Doosan mini-excavator family.

Doosan says that the new models provide a larger working range than its previous generation machines as well as improved lifting capacities and digging forces.

The DX27Z-7 (pictured above) weighs in at 2.8 tonnes and the DX35Z-7 (below) at 3.9 tonnes. Both are zero tail swing and EU Stage V compliant.

Standard features include the latest version (3.0) of the DoosanConnect telematics system. This makes the DX27Z-7 and DX35Z-7 the smallest machines in the Doosan range with this technology.

Both models are powered by the Doosan D17 diesel engine providing 18.4 kW (24.7 HP) of power at 2400 RPM in the DX27Z-7 and 2200 RPM in the DX35Z-7.  The DX27Z-7 and DX35Z-7 also offer auxiliary flows of 58 and 74 litres/min, respectively, to enhance work with attachments.

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Newly designed cast counterweights provide balance and stability in operations. Long arm options are available for both models with 60 and 100 kg additional counterweights, respectively, included in the DX27Z-7 and DX35Z-7.

Visibility and workability have been improved by increasing the bucket protrusion distance beyond the tracks, the Korean manufacturer says. Placing the boom swing cylinder on the left hand side of cab allows the operator to work right up against walls and other structures on the right hand side of the machines. The fuel tank and boom swing cylinder have been positioned at the base of the cab, with the main control valve (MCV) now on the right side of the machine, improving visibility for maintaining and working on the MCV.

The dozer blade has been redesigned to providing both a higher dozer lifting height and dozer digging depth than other machines on the market, it is claimed. The machines also have a new dozer blade control lever.  Using the dozer lever, the operator can select between low and high speed for the levelling blade hydraulics. Travel speed can also be selected by using the travel selector button on the dozer lever. When hydraulic oil pressure rises when going up a slope in high speed mode, the travel speed auto-shift valve automatically resets the travel speed to low to reduce machine stress.


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