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Mon July 15 2024

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GHH fills seven-tonne gap

Digger Blogger | 12:00, Wed March 10 2021

GHH, the German manufacturer of heavy duty mining equipment, has added a new model to its Load Haul Dumper series.

The articulated LF-7 is a compact machine for hard rock underground mining. It carries 7,000 kg of payload in its 3.6 m3 bucket (SAE heaped).

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The vehicle itself is only 8.9 metres long in driving position, 2.2-metres wide at the bucket and 2.2 metres high at the cab when loaded. This meets demands like large narrow vein and small mass mining operations ‘almost perfectly’, GHH says.

It has an operating weight of around 18 tonnes operation weight and is powered by a 164 kW Cummins diesel engine, complying with EU Stage 5 emissions standards. The Dana transmission shifts forward and reverse in four gears each to cope with gradients of up to 28 percent and to reach speeds of up to 27 km/h (17mph). The cab is ROPS/FOPS certified and promises low body vibration and noise levels and good ride control and great visibility.


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