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Sat July 13 2024

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Liebherr refreshes compact loaders

Digger Blogger | 10:20, Thu January 13 2022

Liebherr has overhauled its compact loader series and added a third model, at the smaller end of the family.

The Liebherr  L 506 and L 508 loaders, weighing 5 and 5.7 tonnes respectively, have been overhauled. They are now available in Speeder versions and High Lift lift arms are available as a option.

And now there is a 4.6-tonne model, the L 504.

The L 508 is pictured at the tope of this page; the L 504 is at the bottom.

Liebherr first launched these compact loaders 2013. The update includes a redesigned operator's cab, with more glass than ever – right down to the foot well – to give an unobstructed view of lift arms and attachments. The rear screen is curved at the sides, for an unobstructed view behind, although a reversing camera is also available as an option.

Due to customer demand, the L 506 and L 508 models are now available as Speeder variants, able to reach a top speed of 30 km/h.

As is the case for the L 504, the machine height of the L 506 remains under 2.5 metres, making it easy to transport on a trailer. The new L 508 has become larger and wider, with a 3,900kg tipping load.

Model: L 504 compact L 506 compact L 508 compact
Tipping load: 3,000 kg 3,500 kg 3,900 kg
Bucket capacity: 0.7 m³ 0.8 m³ 1.0 m³
Operating weight: 4,600 kg 4,970 kg 5,700 kg
Engine output: 34 kW / 46 hp 47.5 kW / 64 hp 55 kW / 74 hp


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