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More Malaga magic from Caterpillar

Digger Blogger | 19:44, Tue October 25 2011

I have had a lot of requests from readers for more shots from the demonstration finale which took place towards the end of my visit to Cats Malaga facility last month. I took so many and I can’t possibly post them all on the blog but here is brief round-up of some of the highlights.

First up, an awesome demonstration of ripping power was performed by Cat’s largest track type tractor, the 850hp D11T and a 476hp Cat 374D LME excavator, fitted with a ripper tooth.

The pace of this stunning demonstration is relentless and there is never a dull moment, blink and you might miss something! To my left the 374D LME had quickly changed its ripper tooth attachment, using is integrated quick coupler, for a bucket and proceeded to load one of the F series trucks.

Shortly after the mighty 992K was wheeled in and was put through its paces, loading a 777F dump truck.  The 801 hp machine quickly had the 777F loaded using its 16 cubic yard bucket! Of course the 992K is not the largest wheeled loader in the Caterpillar arsenal, with the 993K and the enormous 1463hp 994F topping the range but it is the largest present in Malaga and still an impressive sight!

Next up, two of the new E Series excavator models took centre stage in the shape of the 349E and 336E. Both machines were set up to demonstrate two different ways to load trucks, with the most efficient way being sat on the bench to the fore.

Next to enter the fray were the mid range track type tractors, headed up by the innovative D7E diesel-electric hybrid dozer. A cutting edge machine designed to burn less fuel and significantly reduce owning and operating costs.

The D7E was quickly joined by the lightest model from the large tractor range the new D8T, which was covered here on the blog last month.

Two motor graders from the range were demonstrated, the highlight for me, was this 259hp 14M model. 

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Then enter left two 627G motor scrapers in full flight, one of which I was to spend some “stick time” in later in the day.  A quick demonstration of push loading the scrapers with a D9T tractor was performed in front of the grandstand. 

Next to enter the arena was this M316D wheeled excavator. This stunning example was fitted with a triple articulated boom arrangement and more interestingly, a Indexator RT40B tilt rotating system. Indexator are often described to me by Swedish machinery friends, as the Rolls Royce of tilt rotating systems. I have stated before many times, I wish people in the UK market would realise what a great piece of kit these tools are, and how they can really speed up production on a whole host of jobsites.

Next up were the Backhoe Loaders with this Leicester built 434E being one example.

Models from the Compact Tracked loader range, comprising of 257B, 277C and 289C models, came down the hill performing their mini version of the big push!

One of Caterpillars smallest ever products, the 300.9D mini excavator, was also demonstrated in front of the fake house, which is an integral part of the demonstration ground.  

As ever, the showstopper finale was the world famous “Big Push”; where 5 models from Cat’s track type tractor range, from D6 up to the mighty D11, come over the top and push a wave of earth towards the gathered audience in the grandstand; an amazing sight that no machine fan could ever get bored of watching!

The demonstration is a stunning and well choreographed performance, which is a credit to all those who take part in it. The Digger Blog salutes you all!  


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