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Sat July 13 2024

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Operators endorse new Zaxis-7 diggers

Digger Blogger | 12:00, Wed August 05 2020

The first Hitachi Zaxis-7 excavators are now at work in the Lake District and the comfort of the cab is prompting glowing reviews from the operators.

The first machines from the new generation of Hitachi Zaxis-7 excavators have arrived in England and been delivered to DMJ Drainage. The first assignment for the two ZX300LC-7 medium excavators was to work on a stretch of the West Cumbria water supplies project in the northern part of the Lake District National Park.

One of the DMJ’s operators, Roger Knipe, has more than 30 years’ experience and is impressed with the new ZX300LC-7: “This machine has been designed around the operator, because it’s very comfortable and they’ve thought about the little things... For example, the increased sweeping area of the wiper is excellent, and the Bluetooth connection is handy so that I can continue to operate safely without stopping to answer the phone.

“The seat is comfortable and I like the way that it moves as one with the console. There’s so much legroom, as well as less noise and no vibration. The layout of the control panel is easy to understand and use, and I can view the monitor clearly. My favourite aspect of the machine is the visibility, it’s brilliant, and I especially like the view from the three cameras. I really enjoy operating this machine, and it’s ideal for this earthmoving and levelling job.

“At the end of a long day, I feel less tired than I would in another machine. In my opinion, Hitachi excavators are the best, because they are so responsive due to the hydraulic system. If another operator asked me about this new Zaxis-7, I would say that it’s better than your machine!”

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DMJ’s other ZX300LC-7 operator, Jonathan Brooks, is equally positive. With almost 40 years’ experience, he says: “I’ve operated many different Hitachi models, from the EX200 to the ZX350, and in my opinion you can’t beat the reliability of Zaxis excavators. The best thing about this machine is the comfort of the cab – and the seat in particular. It’s also very quiet and there’s no vibration. I find it is more convenient, because everything’s in front of me. I don’t have to turn round to operate any of the switches and even the functionality for the wiper on the joystick is a good idea.”

DMJ’s two Hitachi ZX300LC-7s have joined three ZX130-6s on the West Cumbrian pipeline project. The Lincolnshire-based company was initially employed as a subcontractor to install drainage pipes on either side of the main water pipeline, and is now moving the topsoil back into place before returning the agricultural land to its natural state.

A large proportion of the work is being carried out in the fields during the spring and summer to help reduce the impact on the grassland. When the project is completed, the water will be sourced from Thirlmere reservoir, before being transferred along 30km of the new pipeline to a water treatment plant. After this process, the drinking water will be used for homes and businesses in the West Cumbrian region.


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