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Fri July 12 2024

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Rotar pulveriser 1, Bomb shelter 0

Digger Blogger | 09:42, Sun July 27 2014

The reinforced concrete radar station at RAF Boulmer was designed to be bomb proof during World War II. But against modern demolition machinery, defence is futile.

Durham-based demolition and asbestos removal specialist MGL Demolition is using a Rotar RDP42 pulveriser to take it apart. The building, which used to have a 57-tonne radar on top, is two stories high, with 600mm-thick roofs and floors and 1m-thick walls.

The work is part of one of eight contracts that MGL is undertaking on behalf of Carillion Enterprise.

MGL Demolition’s excavator, a 34m high-reach Liebherr 954, has the Rotar RDP42 mounted onto it using its short boom.

MGL aims to recycle as much material as they can. For this project they estimate a 98% recycle rate.

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MGL contracts manager Derek Watt says of the Rotar RDP42: “It is extremely efficient on tough jobs and we are saving both time and money on projects due to its superior productivity.”



MGL first saw the Rotar RDP42 pulveriser in action at the Demolition Expo event in 2013. The dealer is Worsley Plant, whose managing director Sean Heron recalls: “We arranged for a demonstration at a project in Stafford on a reinforced barrelled concrete roof. MGL Demolition was so impressed with the Rotar brand that they bought it there and then. It is now the biggest Pulveriser in their range – they already have six others.

Derek Watt says that MGL is now looking at adding more Rotar demolition attachments to it range of equipment, including the RDC32S Combi Shear.


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