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Thu May 23 2019

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Chief Engineer

Job Description

Our unique major client is looking to recruit a Chief Engineer to their senior team.

Chief Engineer Job Overview
The Chief Engineer is responsible for the ongoing design improvement of the company's critical bespoke heavy plant, test rigs and supporting systems and for ensuring that they are operated and maintained in accordance with the design intent, the business needs, legislative requirements (including health and safety) and relevant engineering and quality standards.

The Chief Engineer will also maintain a continuous improvement programme to develop the capabilities of critical plant, test rigs and supporting systems to meet the needs of the business and maintain compliance with changing legislation and standards, drawing on contributions and suggestions from the management team.

The Chief Engineer will oversee the maintenance of the systems, specifying the maintenance requirements to maintain the integrity of the systems, approving and reviewing the maintenance plans, actions and status, approving or rejecting any deviations from the plan including deferral of maintenance tasks or temporary changes to the system.

The Chief Engineer will define the capital expenditure programme for the systems under his/her responsibility, covering continuous improvement and major maintenance tasks. This programme will be defined in consultation with the senior management team and be commensurate with the business requirements and affordability constraints.

As a member of the Company's leadership team, the Chief Engineer will play a full part in the overall management of the Company, including attendance of management meetings, participating in setting the Company's annual budget and sharing in the responsibility of managing Company performance to that budget.

The Chief Engineer, acting as the Design Authority, will be technically and functionally responsible for such aspects to the CEO. He/she will also provide technical advice and engineering and safety consultancy to the CEO and management team as required.

* Define the designs of the critical plant, test rigs and supporting systems (as defined in the scope below) and ensure that they are correctly described in company documentation.
* Ensure that the system designs are safe and meet legislative requirements and applicable engineering standards and that the design, modifications, operation and maintenance processes meet the extant Quality standards.
* Maintain a design process using standard engineering design practices for defining, analysing, reviewing and approving designs, including modifications and temporary changes.
* Maintain a process for controlling the actual configurations of the systems such that changes to the systems or temporary deviations from the design configurations are visible, understood and controlled.
* Maintain a modifications process, within the design process, that defines, manages and commissions modifications to the systems.
* Ensure that the design process includes appropriate design reviews
* Maintain a good understanding of the models, equipment and testing methods being used so that compatibility between the design and use is continually assured. This will be achieved through communication with other managers, attendance of design reviews etc.
* Specify the maintenance requirements and instructions for the systems, approving the maintenance plans, reviewing maintenance actions and reports.
* Review the maintenance progress, actions and status, approving or rejecting any deviations from the plan including deferral of maintenance tasks or temporary changes to the system.
* Specify the operating requirements and instructions required to maintain the integrity of the system designs and approve the operating manuals.
* Provide advice and engineering and safety consultancy to the CEO, the management team, and other members of staff as required.
* Manage the training & development of his/her team and ensure that their competence is commensurate with the role performed

Chief Engineer Person Specification:
* A good level knowledge of mechanical engineering gained through experience with complex engineering products or industrial machinery.
* A reasonable level of understanding of control systems and electrical systems of industrial machinery or similar.
* A good level of knowledge of engineering design processes and engineering drawings.
* A good level of knowledge of relevant engineering standards and quality management systems.
* A Degree in Mechanical Engineering (or similar subject) or equivalent knowledge gained through experience.
* Demonstrated leadership experience in a technical environment preferably with 5+ years' experience.

* Capable of understanding complex systems, analysing data and applying problem-solving techniques in a logical, competent and timely manner.
* Ability to improve standards and be driven by continuous improvement.
* Possess strong leadership credentials including inter-personal and influencing skills.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
* Be a confident, self-motivated individual committed to ensuring that customer satisfaction is achieved.
* Have a desire to succeed, ability to work under pressure and be prepared for out of-hours working from time to time.
* Have commercial awareness and some client relationship management experience.
* Preferably Chartered Engineer status or equivalent experience

The successful candidate must satisfy security clearance requirements - including the last 5 years continual UK residency.

Chief Engineer, Principal Engineer, Engineering Manager, Head of Engineering, chartered engineer

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