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Sat March 02 2024

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March 2021 Features

Must Watch

WATCH: Mecalac MDX – New Mecalac Cab Dumper

Must Watch

WATCH: Fastening in concrete and masonry with our FIS V Plus

The Lowdown on… IR35

As chancellor of the exchequer in Tony Blair’s Labour government, one of Gordon Brown’s less celebrated acts was a clampdown on so-called ‘disguised employment’.

Nuclear option

Flexible design and ‘5D’ modelling software proved the perfect solution to a major scaffolding challenge at Hinkley Point C. David Taylor reports

Military precision on M3-M25 interchange

Meticulous planning and the careful choice of materials have vastly improved the speed and efficiency of maintenance work on the motorway network. David Taylor reports

Hatching an idea

A new range of products has just been launched to help workers handle materials safely on site. David Taylor reports

Keeping training on track

Many apprentices have had their college learning curtailed by the Covid-19 lockdown measures. But one specialist contractor has found new ways of delivering training online and on site. David Taylor reports

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