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Fri August 12 2022

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California extends clean machine incentive scheme

25 Jul The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has expanded its Clean Off-Road Equipment voucher incentive (CORE) project to include funding for commercial harbour craft, agriculture and construction machines.

Launched in January 2020, CORE provides point-of-sale discounts on the purchase of zero-emission off-road equipment and was originally only for freight applications.

Administered by CALSTART, a non-profit consortium that encourages clean and efficient high-tech transport methods, CORE has a funding budget of US$125 million (£104 million). Qualified participants receive vouchers for point-of-sale discounts on zero-emission equipment up to a maximum of US$500,000.

Under the scheme there is no requirement to scrap, sell or retire existing equipment and additional funding may also be available for charging infrastructure and equipment operated in disadvantaged communities or by small businesses.

“California is backing up its commitment to clean the air in overburdened communities and carry out the direction of the governor’s executive order with a significant investment in zero-emission vehicles and sustainable transportation,” said CARB deputy executive officer Craig Segall.

“CORE is specifically designed to assist industry sectors that currently use off-road equipment and can help clean up the communities hardest hit by air pollution,” he added.

Niki Okuk, deputy director at CALSTART, commented: “The streamlined process incorporates feedback from programme participants and we are anticipating significant interest in this second round. The industry is continuing its transition to zero-emissions and CORE provides a clear market signal that helps bring new products to the market.”

CORE supports nine specific equipment categories:

  • On- and off-road terminal tractors,
  • Truck- and trailer-mounted transport refrigeration units,
  • Large forklifts and cargo-handling equipment,
  • Airport ground-support equipment,
  • Railcar movers and switcher locomotives,
  • Mobile power units and mobile shore-power cable management systems,
  • Construction equipment,
  • Agricultural equipment,
  • Commercial harbor craft

The first round of CORE resulted in over 460 vouchers for vehicles and electric vehicle supply equipment totaling over US$62 million, with terminal tractors being the most requested equipment type.   

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