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Mon December 04 2023

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DfE launches £3bn offsite construction tender

21 Jun 19 The Department for Education has launched the procurement process to select 10 suppliers of school buildings.

The DfE offsite schools framework, which incorporates both prefabricated and quick-assembly kit buildings, will run for four years and has an estimated maximum potential value of £3bn, although actual spend is likely to be less.

The median anticipated pipeline for the framework is expected to be a throughput of 15 secondary school schemes and 15 primary school schemes per year, making a total of 120 projects throughout England during the term of the contract.

The work is to be shared by 10 suppliers – five on Lot 1, for lower value projects; and five on Lot 2, higher value projects. No supplier can be on both lots.

The DfE said that this offsite framework was being established “to cultivate innovation and modernise the industry by increasing the adoption of MMC (modern methods of construction) offsite production in the market, in line with the government’s commitment to MMC and its presumption in favour of offsite construction by 2019 across suitable capital programmes, where it represents best value for money”.

Deadline for bids is 5th August 2019. Further information about the lots, requirements of the tender and the processes for contracts to be awarded are set out in the procurement documents at

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